Virtual Conference And Exhibition

FibreCONEXT2020, The easiest EVENT IN AFRICA to access, is a home-grown initiative by Digital Council Africa. In its inaugural virtual conference and exhibition, the event focused on highlighting the disruptions taking place in the technology space. CONEXT is platform that aims to empower Africans to be a part of the digital migration revolution, with Digital Council Africa being the bridge connecting Public and Private sectors, fostering collaborations to find solutions to the many challenges we face in Africa.  MediaPlatform, is one such revolutionary start-up that Digital Council has partnered with. This team of engaging disruptors, pushed the envelope, developing and delivering cutting-edge content, technology and production in the digital space with virtual conferencing, digitized exhibitions and live streaming productions, at a time when the entire world was on lockdown. The FibreCONEXT2020 Virtual Conference & Exhibition brought together experts, participants, observers, academics, techno-geeks, thought-leaders and interest lay persons with an interest in the 4th Industrial Revolution to express, engage and connect to share ideas, find solutions, harness innovations, disrupt the norm and chart a new course forward in the era of digital connectivity.

MediaPlatform, a #MagicalIdeas Agency, was given a brief to develop a world-class brand identity and a digital marketing strategy & campaign that supported Digital Council Africa’s aspirations to remain a thought-leader in Telecoms. The brand CONEXT was conceptualised to depict the “art of what’s possible” creating opportunities for ordinary folk to thrive in this rapid rate of change happening around the world; bringing together innovators from across the continent to explore opportunities to leverage fibre optics and enable the full potential of digital connectivity on the continent.  MediaPlatform, the creators of the CONEXT SERIES OF EVENTS, FibreCONEXT2020 being the 1st in the series to go virtual was produced and managed by MediaPlatform, streamed live into the personal space of every attendee.The virtual tour of the exhibition takes on the impression of being at a physical event, attracting scores of attendees on the event days, 23-27 November 2020. The platform boasts intimate and group networking rooms which can be ideal for presentations or social meetings. The 3D Virtual Exhibition, takes you on a digital tour of the exhibition stands, giving every attendee the freedom to map their itineraries at their leisure and convenience. MediaPlatform created an easy to manoeuvre and flexible platform, increasing the appetite to engage, and for companies to improve their digital presence and frequency through direct engagements, which the digital adverts provide.  Virtual and Hybrid conferences will continue to be a new means of showcasing business value beyond physical confines, and MediaPlatform will be at the fore-front in this new space, creating #Magic

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